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July 2014

  • Minor updates to some of the rolling stock pages

May 2014

February 2014

  • Moved the index menu to the start page - this means you get the menu as the default when you start the site.
  • Changed the default format for pictures to be slightly larger (now 1000x800) and the thumbnail list in the pcitures by author is 5 columns wide. I made this change because screens are now a lot larger and a different default shape than when I originally designed the site (no longer normally 4:3 ratio).
  • Added some more recent pictures I have taken of rolling stock.

January 2014

  • Updated some information about current location of some vehicles.

November 2013

  • Removed Andrew R's photos at his request.

January 2013

  • Added some photos of sleeping car Nomuldi being moved to Kyneton by Stuart Hicks

November 2012

  • Added photos from Fiona Brown of restored sleeping car Angas at Little Forest Country Cottages - www.littleforest.com.au.

October 2012

  • Updated the National Railway Museum Exhibits Guide in the list of downloadable PDFs - this is a guide to the exhibits at the National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide, written by the Comrails webmaster in his capacity as the NRM Collection Manager Rollingstock. It has been formatted to an ebook page size for use on electronic book readers.

October 2012

  • Introduced new downloadable file Volume 8 in ebook format (in addition to A4 format) for use on an e-book reader. The paper size is smaller than the printable format files and the text is formatted in single column mode making it easier to page through on an ebook reader.
  • Fixed a few minor formating problems with the downloadable PDF files.

September 2012

  • Minor text updates.

May 2012

  • Updated status of carraiges ARP13 and AF25.
  • Added some photos of sleeping car Nomuldi by Stuart Hicks
  • Added photos from Paul Quinn of the move of GM3.
  • Added photos from John Green of various carriages in Melbourne.

March 2012

  • Updated status of 830 class diesels on Eyre Peninsula.

January 2012

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