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Comrails Printable PDFs

These files are printable PDFs of the information contained on the comrails site. They are formatted for printing of A4 paper.

They are provided as an offline aid to users of the site. If you think they are usefull, or they need updating send me an email at or

Warning: Some of these files are very large - check the size entry for details.

A4 print format

These files are all formatted for A4 paper.

ebook format

These files are all formatted for use on an e-book reader. The paper size is smaller than the printable format files and the text is formatted in single column mode making it easier to page through on an ebook reader. They have been tested on a Sony Reader, but there might be a few file glitches (as these are new), so please let me know of any error you find so I can fix them (It's not feasable for me to carefully check ever pages format).

Other Printable PDF Documents

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