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Index of Steam Locomotives by Classification

This list is in alphanumeric order based on classification of the locomotive.

Select the classification:

Broad Gauge

No.1,2,3 No.154 No.155 No.205 500 520 600 620
700 710 720 740 750 A B C
Locomotive F 167 D E F (1st) F (2nd)
G Ga Gb Gc
Gd Ge H I (1st)
I (2nd) J K L M (1st) M (2nd) N O (1st)
O (2nd) P Q R/Rx S Tx Kitson

Narrow Gauge

No.0 No.260 No.107 300 400 K T
U V W/Wx Locomotive Wx 56
X Y/Yx Z

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