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22.9.2009 Berths 17/18 + 19/20 of car JTA 6 where stripped whilst the car was at Talbot under private ownership. The interior has been re configured in this area by the present owner. This car also forms part of the 707 Operations fleet. (John Green) -- Click on Picture for a larger version.

Photo file date: Wed May 30 2012 at 11:46:06pm

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jg_dsc_0006_jta6_20090922 jg_dsc_0006_jta6_20090922 jg_dsc_0011_jta6_20090922 jg_dsc_0011_jta6_20090922 jg_dsc_0014_buchan_20091222 jg_dsc_0014_buchan_20091222 jg_dsc_0014_jta6_20090922

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