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Special Service Car No.2

Special car AFR 27 photographed at Port Augusta, circa 1930

RA 666 -- AF/AFR/NAF 27 -- Governor Generals car -- Special Service Car No.2 -- SSAF 27

Wooden first class lounge car built by the Port Augusta Workshops on a supplied underframe of "RA wagon 666". It was originally intended to be a lounge car, but before completion was converted to a special car for use on the first passenger train.

AF 27 exterior 19.08.1987, in the car barn at Port Augusta

Despite the Governor General not actually making it on to the first train the car was generally referred to as the Governor General's car in 1917, but officially coded as lounge "AF 27". It was recoded to "AFR" a first class lounge sleeping car in 1920, when it became officially known as Special Service Car No.2.

1916Entered service as "RA 666" flat wagon
20.10.1917Entered service coded as "AF 27".
1920Recoded "AFR 27" and normally refered to as Special Service car No.2.
7.4.1941It was reconverted to temporary lounge class "AF".
27.3.1946Became permanent lounge.
5.5.1959Converted to narrow gauge, repainted, new carpets and blinds fitted and recoded "NAF".
8.3.1961Transferred back to standard gauge and placed in the car barn until ready for user, eventually being used for the storage of material.
19.8.1987Stored at Port Augusta and used as an Office by the carriage cleaners.
8.1988Transferred to Peterborough for refurbishment.
1991Transferred to Port Augusta.
17.5.1992Refurbishment completed and recoded "SSAF".
1.4.1997On Australian National passenger division operational list.
1.11.1997Car leased by the Commonwealth Government to Great Southern Railway.
21.3.1998Transferred from Keswick to Port Augusta.
5.1999Returned to Keswick. In poor condition, showing a lot of exterior water damage. Canvas roof cracked and leaking. All chairs have been removed from interior.
8.1999Roof covered by a canvas tarp.
5.5.2000Transferred to Midland Workshops, Western Australia for repairs.
-Sold to Great Southern Railway by the Commonwealth[pq].
2002-03Sold to a third party and "Leased Back" by Great Southern Railway [Serco Group Report].
12.2003Returned to South Australia, stored at Keswick.