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* - Where signals are exhibited.   + - Applies only "when" speed restriction boards are exhibted.   O - Subject to progressive alteration of location during the week.   F - Flagman in attendance.
Line Section:APPO
AN Subdivision:Mainland
Route Number:24
ASTRI Route_1501330
ASTRI Route_2501468

Speed Restriction:+
From:248.08 KmTo:283.53 Km
Current from:02.05.1989Cancel Date:None
Entered Date:01.05.1989Entered Time:13:52:99
Location From:501330 Location To:501468
Maximum Speed30Maximum Speed A0

Speed Restriction Reason:
Current from:02.05.1989
Entered Date:01.05.1989
Entered Time:13:52:99

Australian National - Traffic Information Management System (TIMS) - data dumped on 30th May 1997
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