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Joint Stock Sleepers

Each sleeping compartment provides the sleeper with the following facilities, hot and cold running water, toilet, basin, shaving mirror, coat hanging space and night lights. The roomette cars each provide shower facilities at the end of the car. On the twinette cars, each room contains an upper and lower sleeping bunk. Private shower facilities are provide within each cabin.

The Four sleepers Allambi, Dorai, Tantini and Weroni were replaced in 1971 and the original cars sold to V.R. for use on the new "Vinelander" service from Melbourne to Mildura.

Two sleepers were renamed shortly after entering service. They were Malkari and Paiti, which originally had been named Tolkini and Tandeni.

The names of the roomette sleepers were:

The names of the twinette sleepers were:

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All cars were given coding by Australian National when they introduced a new computer system. These coding were:

JRA: 1 - Mururi, 2 - Chalaki, 3 - Nankuri, 4 - Purpawi, 5 - Juki, 6 - Tarkinji.

JRB: 1 - Allambi, 2 - Tantini.

JTA: 1 - Nomuldi, 2 - Mokai, 3 - Malkari, 4 - Paiti, 5 - Yanni, 6 - Kuldalai.

JTB: 1 - Tawarri, 2 - Yankai, 3 - Weroni, 4 - Dorai.

Meanings of Carriage Names

All the sleeping cars are named after local Aboriginal names associated with sleep and dreaming. Their meanings are
Allambiquiet pace
Doraito sleep
JukiSouthern cross
Kuldalaia dream man who came out of the Southern Cross
Mokaito rest
Mururito sleep
Tawarrievening breeze

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